[quote=SJS]I have numerous miracle fabric shirts for hiking but my favorite for hot, humid weather in insect ridden places, believe it or not, is a cheap, made in Vietnam, 100% nylon shirt. The brand name tag is long gone.

The thing is, unlike all my other hiking shirts, it is more like a dress shirt in the sense that it has long sleeves which button up, a collar, pockets, etc. But it is really light, really soft and really comfortable. No, it does not breathe or wick but I find it very comfortable in very hot and humid weather and I prefer it to putting tons of repellant on. I think I got it from LL Bean.

Anyway, I can't find one like it again and my long winded question is actually simply: anyone know of a shirt that is comfortable in hot, muggy weather and has a collar, long sleeves and pockets? Wicking and breathing would be great, but not necessary, just really light and really


Colombia’s long sleeve SPF50 Fishing Shirts

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