Shirts racing. They will tear up backpacking eventually, but I guarantee you're not going to be too hot or too wet. You can only go for buckskin or nude, if fake scares you, but the new petrochemical fabrics are dramatically superior.

I've got two of these, and a peep show jackets as well. In Hong Kong, I stepped off the trail, and they survived admirably. They're running a little high, so there's a degree of ventilation coming from that. And when they're wet, they feel very soft. The primary wear on the warmth of the tropics was around the cuffs, using trekking poles. They were restored for free by Patagonia Bowery. They've got a bit of abrasion from the pack belts, but nothing bad. Suggested. A thicker material is the R0 sun hoodie, and it snags more quickly, so maybe not as good for your intended intent.

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