Oh well, it seems like I have to put up with the mesh inner then. My parents' old tent had a inner tent made of cotton (way to heavy but I never had problems with condensation!).
I probably will survive being out in a tent that has a mesh inner. We did have low temperatures on our trip last year, but it never got below freezing.
I think I'm literally carrying more things for my dog than for me grin he has a small sleeping pad and a blanket, too. He also likes crawling inside my sleeping bag, but we can't fit inside together.

The Big Agnes Copper Spur tent looks great, I would buy it in a heartbeat if it wasn't so expensive. I'll try to see one of those tents when shops open again soon. If I like it, I could try to buy it second hand or get it on sale maybe.

I'm not really sure about teepee tents since they're harder to set up than freestanding tents or tunnel tents. I looked at this teepee tent before: https://luxeoutdoor.de/en/Hexpeak-f6a.html but I'd definitely have to try it out somewhere to see wether I actually like camping in a teepee tent.

I was really curious about those gazelles in the High Desert so I did some quick wikipedia research and I imagine those German hikers probably saw a pronghorn (?) since those don't live in Europe as far as I know.
I first started going on longer hikes after I saw people on Youtube on those really long American trails like the PCT, so I can understand why so many Germans make trips to the US to hike.