For better or worse, all the "3-season" tents these days have an inner made of mesh, assuming they have an inner. Better ventilation, I suppose, and a bit lighter, but something in me longs for the old days when the inner was mostly light ripstop. I've had the same experience as Arizona, more than once, of having dirt blow into the tent through the mesh. In above-freezing conditions, they're generally not a lot colder, though, and there's less condensation.

Your location reminded me of this: A friend and I spent four days backpacking on Steens Mountain, which rises out of Eastern Oregon's high desert. We had a great trip, one highlight of which was seeing a small herd of Pronghorn Antelope.

As we ended our trip, we passed a log book in which people write their thoughts about the area. There were a few entries by people with German-sounding names, who apparently weren't familiar with the animals of the western U.S. One of their comments was, "We loved the gazelles!"

Well, me,too.
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