Oh well grin I’m only taking the front half of the golden retriever of course...what I actually wanted to say was that my dog is half the size of a golden retriever (it’s a bit hard to describe his size to people who don’t know him).

Thanks for your advice on the MSR carbon reflex tents, it’s great to know small things like that in advance, since usually I can’t make out details like velcros on the websites.
As far as I was able to see that yet, I would be able to get most American tents because they’re on amazon.

Shops will probably be closed for a long while longer because of lockdown, but I’ll try to visit a store that allows me to see the tents pitched. Is there anything I should pay closer attention to when I look at the tents in the store?

One thing that I’ve been wondering about is the tents‘ hydrostatic head. Some tents have a really low hydrostatic head for both the floor and the rainfly and other tents have a really high hydrostatic head. It doesn’t seem to be directly linked to the pricing though. Can a tent with a low hydrostatic head be just as waterproof as a tent with a higher hydrostatic head?

I’ll definitely tell you when I make a decision for a tent.