Well, before I actually reply, I've got to ask: How do you take half a Golden Retriever hiking? smile (I'm sure that's got to be a misstatement or spell-check error, but I couldn't resist having a bit of fun.)

Since I've always hiked and camped alone, using one-person tents or tarps, I really can't help with specific recommendations for 3-person tents. Also, I don't know what common American brands might be available in Europe.

However, I have had a lot of experience, almost all good, with MSR tents -particularly the Hubba series. So, that would be my recommendation.

One word of caution: you might want to avoid the MSR Carbon Reflex series. There's nothing particularly wrong with Carbon Fiber poles; I had the original solo version, and never had any problems.

However, last year, they replaced the zippered vestibule closures with velcro closures. I needed to replace my original one-person Carbon Reflex anyhow, so I bought one with the Velcro closures. It was horrible; the vestibule would not stay closed, and the noise from the velcro coming apart and then flapping kept me awake all night.

It sounds like you've done your homework to determine the features you need. The MSR would be a good fit, but go crawl in and out of them, and (if the store will let you) set them up and take them down so you can guess what it will be like to deal with them in a rain storm.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.