Hello everyone!

I’m relatively new to backpacking and doing hikes that are longer than a day tour. The last two summers, I went on short multi-day hikes and I enjoyed it a lot. Together with a friend and my dog, I want to do a slightly longer hiking trip this summer so I’m looking for a new tent.

I have been looking online a lot already, but I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with all the different companies. So what I’m looking for in a tent:

We’re two people (I’m 5,5 ft and my friend is a similar height) and a small dog (I’m talking half a golden retriever) so I think a two person tent will be too small for us.
I’d like the tent to have a vestibule that’s big enough to store at least one 50l backpack, I’m not planning on cooking inside the vestibule or spend much time sitting there.

The past years, I’ve been using a cheap tent that my parents bought 20 or so years ago. That tent weighted nearly 11 lbs so I’m looking for something much lighter now. I don’t want to buy a tent thats more than roughly 6,5 lbs.

I probably won’t go on winter trips anytime soon so a 3 season tent will probably be fine. I get cold easily though, so I’m hoping to find a tent that doesn’t have a inner that’s only made of mesh.
I’ll mainly use the tent for trips that won’t be longer than 10 days. Temperatures probably will range from around 40-90 degrees, rain is pretty common but I won’t be camping in high winds.

I can’t spend more than 300€ on the tent, thats 350$. It would be great to find a tent for less money, but also, if I find a „dream tent“ I’ll consider saving more money to buy the tent at a later time.

I’ve already looked at some of the Naturehike tents (cloud up 3), the MSR Elixir 3 and some German tents like Vaude Taurus 3, Jack Wolfskin Skyrocket 3 and Salewa Litetek 3, but I’m not sure about any of those tents yet.

Can you recommend other tents that fit those requirements or do you have experience with one of the tents I’ve mentioned? Thanks in advance!