So, given the cost of building materials these days, i'm thinking about building an elevated platform and putting some sort of tent on top of it. I'm thinking 10'x10' so it'll likely be a large wall tent, outback tent or something of those sorts. So the material will likely be canvas, plastic/tarp like, nylon or some other material. Regardless, i would have a wood stove for heat to keep it warm during the Wisconsin winters.

I know condensation is the enemy when winter backpacking so i'm wondering if and how a permanent tent setup will be different? What can i do to manage this issue since ventilation within these larger type tents/shelters is non existent at the roof. My other concern is what happens when i leave after a weekend at my property and the tent sits for a couple weeks and then i go up and use it going to be extra wet because it's been sitting unheated through all the temp fluctuations?