Hello all,

Thanks for even taking a moment to read my reply. I suddenly got a calling to get up and go, and its in my bones.

I'm a 37 y/o male, no kids or wife with a "mission" to share the good news.

I'm trekking down to florida on tuesday, i'm open to any tips. I'll be on foot.

I have:

Some income per month set aside, (allotted $1600 mo.)
Sleeping bag
hiking boots
50L bag

Plus various other supplies.

What i'm really looking for is advice on where to camp at, tips on how to camp on the roads as well as any information recommended for travelling through the Appalachian trail down to Georgia.

I'm curious about "stealth camping" and such, this is my first excursion like this. I appreciate any wisdom, any and all and God bless.

Thank you and you'll be seeing more of Tony!