Hey every one, just over four dollars with smaller tang packs as opposed to four bucks with large tang canister. possibly cheaper in usd dollars depending on grocery prices.
per day:
3 cups mashed potato flakes, dry
1 cups dry milk, dry (cheese is cheaper, one pizza brick for 6 days, dry milk expensive where I am, so either dry milk or cheese)
3 cups of tang juice mixed (around 6 tbs dry)
7 tbs flax seed ground
12 tbs peanut butter

3000 calories, nutrition profile looks good on happy forks, low on vitamin k, spinach every couple of days will help.

The food is light, its mostly powders and peanut butter. It's basically one ingredient from each food group, any other ingredient from that group can replace it. peanut butter for pepporony and extra carbs or beans and fat. Mashed potato is used as carbs here so can be exchanged for any carb, bread, pita, etc. Juice can be taken out and replaced by something else sweet, roughly 350 calories worth per day.