I'm sold on their water filter hiking product line and like the "mini" sized, but never have felt it reasonable to take their, "one size fits all" syringe/flushing tool on a hike. at the end of my hikes I do test and flush 'em before storage. and never process cloudy water! the end result has been the filter always clogs and needs to be replaced.... last time , while gearing up for a hike, the filter tested fine. and then less that one hour into a two week hike it clogged, and I drank unfiltered water for the entire hike. for some reason, I can't/won't allow valuable pack space to be wasted on them. has anyone found a way to back flush one that dosen't involve something that's as big, or bigger than the filter itself? it's possible than all I should do is to to start taking zero days and use a motel's water pressure to back flush 'em... but would like to avoid that

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