Hi, I am a newbie backpacker and would be happy to consider your personal opinion/advice before purchasing a warm weather sleeping bag.

Some review websites say that goose down sleeping bags are cozier and warmer than duck down and synthetics. I am not going for some hardcore winter adventures and I wont be using it in weather colder than about 50-60F

So I guess I am looking for a 3 season goose down US made sleeping bag.

Budget: no idea
Review website advice everything from 20 to 400$. As I learned, price mostly depends on a fill power of a sleeping bag.
Then the question is: What min fill power I need in case of backpacking in warm wather over 50F?

The price is not the most important feature but I am not ready to spend 380$ for smth like Western Mountneering Summerlite.

I also prefer a hooded sleeping bag laugh

Hope I described what I need cool
Thank you for tips https://www.backpacking.net/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=173689#Post173689