Coffee in my tent, in the morning.

When camping in the wilderness I don’t do complicated. Or I at least try to avoid it. That’s why I kicked coffee for my 2015 and 2017 AT section hikes. I decided to endure the caffeine headaches rather than make my coffee every morning on the trail.

In 2016 I opened a coffee shop and started offering pour-over coffee to my patrons. This was when I also began using the pour-over method at home. Unfortunately the idea of doing this at a campsite did not occur to me until halfway through the summer of 2019. Sigh.

Sometimes us old dogs take a while to learn new tricks.

I found a collapsible cone on Amazon (where else?).

The weight penalty for this is minor. I carry the collapsible cone, some small filters, and a small container of coffee.

Here’s my favorite part! Early in the morning I drag my arse out of my tent to retrieve my bear bag. Wait. That’s not my favorite part.

I return to my tent to brew my coffee while everyone is still asleep. That's my favorite part!
Note: I do not boil the water inside my tent. Never light a camp stove inside a tent. I realize most of the readers know this - just throwing it out there.

The process is simple:
-Heat water to boiling. Only 12 ounces. My drinking cup is small.
-Place my pour-over cone over my cup, and place the filter inside the cone. Carefully pour one scoop of grounds into filter.
-Once the water is done boiling slowly pour over grounds, soaking them, but not overfilling the cone. Continue doing this until the cup is full of coffee.
-Enjoy the coffee

Note: I can't seem to insert an image here of an example of pour-over coffee. If you want to see a visual, then just google "pour over coffee."

I then crawl back into my bag to sip my coffee. Morning quiet time with the sound of a running stream. It’s hard to imagine a better feeling.

If the sun is up maybe I’ll sit next to the stream with my coffee. There’s options available as long as I have my warm cup of Jo.

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