Kia Ora From Aotearoa NZ

I am Ash , I'm from Aotearoa New Zealand and I am a Bushcrafter / filmmaker/ film student.

Other Outdoor recreation activities i enjoy include the following: Native Plant Id, Bushcraft, Firemaking, Primitive Trapping, Tramping ( Trekking, Rambling, Hiking, Backpacking ) Trail Running and I have done a long distance tramp ( TA Trail ) .

I am currently a Uni student awaiting to finish my degree In Te Reo Maori and Screen Production - Filmmaking- documentary/ backpack film making..

What i wanted to ask here is I am looking to Trek through Russia.
This is a long one so only will suit certain people. We are talking up to year expedition.

This Trek is expected to start around late March 2023-2024

Conditions anticipated are 4 seasons, Mid winter through to late fall.
I plan to do some documentary work along the expedition and I am a one man camera crew.
I have a friend who is also keen to do this expedition.
There are plans to get sponsorship on this expedition as well to help finance this. Not all of it but as much as I can.

Able to speak Russian?
Have Winter experience outdoors?
Have Bushcraft skills?
Have outdoor navigation skills
are able to pay for yourself along the way then
I want to talk to you.

Feel free to contact me.

I will welcome anyone is interested .

For further info please reply to this post.

And for those who might say it ain't NZ soft, I KNOW AND REALISE ALL DANGERS. Too many people have argued that on other forums with me.
I ain't here to argue, just network with like minded people.
I know this is Hundy as ( KIWI 4 100% ) hence why i Said Russia.

Have a great day!