Rolled out this water bag-and-filter kit this summer and am really pleased so far. Probably overkill for soloing, at 12oz, but for two or perhaps more it's the fastest, most convenient filter kit I've used.

1. The 10L raw water bag holds enough for a full day in camp. It's tough, the roll-top is simple to close, the hanging system is effective and flexible.
2. The flow rate is faster than any gravity filter I've used. Compared to the Sawyer system I've used for many years, it's notably higher and the 1.75L/min spec may be correct. I've not stopwatched the thing. (They use the same filter media.)

MSR doesn't match Sawyer's lifetime cartridge guarantee and no backflush device comes with the kit. But, the Sawyer backflush hose can be adapted so it can be routinely flushed at home. Field-flush is possible using a clean water bag attached with a hose, similar to the Sawyer system. As always, you need clean water to backflush so don't wait until the flow is zero!

How well does it work with sketchy source water? I don't know.

Worth a look for anybody in the market for a new filter.


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