If you live close by a ranger station, I would go and rent (for free) a canister from them to check it out. Learning to pack a bear canister is an art form. That packing efficiency is a good lesson to learn. People pack 7 days worth in the standard 10L bear canister. See if you can fit all of your overnight food into 1/7th the canister!

From a quick scan of the links above, its not clear to me where exactly the bear boxes are located. If you have picked out a trailhead with a campsite with a bear box 5-10 miles from the parking lot, then I would recommend planning to use that and be prepared to hang food if needed. Otherwise try out a bear canister from the rangers. They will probably give you a Garcia canister. If you like this hobby I wouldn't buy one of those. There are better lighter options IMO. Rangers give out Garcia's because they are heavy duty.

Even if you bring a bear canister maybe give hanging a try to see how you like it.