I'm trying to decide on a warm (maybe 60 - 100g/m2), packable insulated jacket to take with me on backpacking trips (solo in some cases) deep into the Sierras or other remote, mountainous destinations. I know there is a lot of info on this and I've read a lot -- but I think it's to the point that the more I read the more conflicted I become.

I have traditionally leaned towards synthetic insulation for these sorts of applications. The scenario that I can't get past is me being caught in a cold rain/sleet storm or otherwise getting my gear wet (like falling into a creek), and being stuck in a very bad situation with useless wet down (as opposed to some synthetic that might keep me a bit warm and can be dried out in time to be useful). But I know down will be warmer for the weight and will hold up better over time, and there seem to be a lot more affordable down options.
I'm reading other ways to look at it, so I think I need someone to set me straight.

So far, I do think I want something with a decently tough and water resistant shell so that I can skip bringing an outer hard shell. And I'm not looking to break the bank. Other than going to the mountains or visiting cold places in the winter on occasion, I will probably never use this jacket, so looking for good bang for my buck (at a good time to buy cheap cold weather gear). Also, I want it to have a hood.

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