Just a couple weeks ago, I attended a presentation by the leading expert on "generation Z", and this is one of the things she covered. Generally, younger folks hate email. Truth be told, I don't prefer it either, and I'm decidedly not part of generation Z, though I guess I'm young...ish(? [I'm 40]). Of the 3 email accounts I have (not counting the ones I've never used through the years and have forgotten about), I really only keep up with my work email. One of the interesting points from the speech that caught my attention is that when older generations start to use a media platform, the younger folks leave and find a new one. They've already started an exodus from Facebook. Snapchat is likely next on the chopping block.

EDIT: One thing worth adding is that in spite of gen Z's reputation for being addicted to mobile devices, they overwhelmingly prefer face to face interaction for certain purposes (such as scheduling meetings with a college professor vs email)!

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