Shrimp Kao Soi Recipe

I made this on a recent Trans-Catalina Hike and it was spectacular. It is based on hints and suggestions others on here have made. I combined those ideas and worked out ratios so I thought I would share. (Sorry I don’t have any pictures… we ate it too quickly).

1 tsp Panang Curry Paste (

2 tsp sugar

2 Tbsp Coconut Milk Powder (

1 packet ramen with seasoning of your choice (I used beef flavored)

Large freeze dried shrimp (


Prepping before hand

Put panang curry paste, sugar, and coconut milk powder in a small ziplock bag. Put the shrimp in a separate ziplock bag. I take the ramen packaged as-is… you can repackage it you prefer.

At the Campsite

1. Add water to ziploc bag containing the shrimp and let them re-hydrate.

2. Add two cups of water to your pot and put it on the stove. Add the curry paste, sugar, and coconut milk powder.

3. When the paste and coconut milk powder dissolve, add the seasoning packet from the ramen to your desired level of salt. I found it needs almost the whole packet… so if you like things salty just dump the whole thing in. The coconut powder get clumpy. Bringing the mixture to a rolling boil helps; as did breaking up bigger clumps with my spoon against the pot wall. In the end a few clumps didn’t distract from the finished product.

4. When you get the broth where you want it, dump out the re-hydration water from the shrimp and add them along with the noodles to the pot and pull it off the stove.

5. Let the soup cool off for 3-5 minutes as the noodles cook and enjoy!


-I used Panang Curry Paste. Red Curry paste would probably work equally as well
-Adjust the amount of Curry Paste to your desired spice level. 1 tsp doesn’t seem like much but it made a pretty spicy soup. The first two times I tried making it I added more and it was too spicy for me.
-You can add some oil to the curry paste/sugar/coconut powder packet to increase the richness and calorie count. The coconut powder will absorb it right up.
-I’m having a hard time reducing the clumping of the coconut powder. Next time I might try adding a little water to the ziplock and mushing it into a paste before adding it to the pot
-I only see Redwick’s 30-35 count shrimp on his ebay page currently. I used 15-17 count large shrimp and they were spectacular! (4-5 large shrimp is a good meal) He is pretty responsive to Facebook messenger and often has stuff available that isn’t listed on his ebay marketplace. I’m not sure if re-hydrating the shrimp before hand is necessary. I did it so I could verify they were well re-hydrated and not over cooked. It might work to just throw them in the pot.
-An alternate meat (or none at all) would also work well. I pair this with fishing. If I catch a fish, I can add it to the pot and it will be even more spectacular… if not it is still an amazing meal.
-Do you want to go up another notch? Fry up a little fresh garlic in the bottom of the pot first. Add some dehydrated mushroom… or some Kimchi on top!: