Hey all! I'm new here, and to backpacking generally. Actually, in full disclosure, I'm not even a backpacker yet. Just a day-hiker. But curious about doing longer hikes.

I've had a pair of Timberland boots for a while and the sole has worn through. I was looking to upgrade. I was considering Zero Drop Boots (Altra Men's Lone Peak 3 Mid Neo Trail Running Shoe is at the top of my list right now).

I am curious what more experienced folks think of zero-drop, and of the Altra's in particular.

I live in Indiana, so I am not hiking vertically in any way. And, the boots I get will see far more miles on local sidewalks with the dog (at least in the winter). My shoe of choice are my Birkenstock, which are "zero drop" and a wide toe box. Whether Zero's or not, I'd be looking for something warm, with a wide toe, and not crazy expensive.

That's my story. Any thoughts from the experts?