Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to view my post.
I look forward to the insight and knowledge that you offer.
My current issues.

My sleeping bag takes up to much space.
What bivy for sleeping bag and winter conditions.

In February of 2020 I will be on a multi-day hiking adventure atop some of the largest mountains in S. Korea.
I own a Western Mountaineering Bison GWS. The issue I have is that the sleeping bag takes up to much room in my pack.
My pack is currently a Gregory Baltoro 75.

I packed everything I thought I would need for 3 days. The weight came to 43 lbs (I weigh 150 lbs). This includes a Marmot Thor 2p tent (10lbs),
food (9 meals), water (3L), clothing, cooking ect. (I dont know what base weight is...)

Those who have gone on this trip before and who are going with me have been using a bivy.
So 10 lbs can be lost already. But what I want is to also backpack in my current area in SoCal with the tent.
I am willing to change packs. As I have time on the return, not so for the sleeping bag and tent.
I was also told to exchange and get a waterproof pack. I have no idea which one.

I want to backpack now, but feel that the weight is to heavy. I love the tent and am willing to lug it around, but I also think that 3 days
is to much and I might fail physically at the moment. I want to start hiking and am willing to train with the weight on lower mileage and fewer nights.

My concerns: overall weight, type of backpack given the sleeping bag and bivy, and water weighing me down from rain storm.
There is a lot of info and needless info here, but I wanted to share and give you the whole picture.

Thank you, Rif