The only mini-tool scissors that I’ve ever found which will actually cut moleskin are on the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Classic. (I’ve never tried the larger, heavier SAKs; I would assume the scissors on them would also work.) It also has tweezers that are actually functional, which eliminates another element in my first aid kit. Best of all, it weighs an ounce.

The little fold-out scissors on the Leatherman Micra and Gerber Dime are useless; they won’t cut moleskin, but just kind of chew it.

If you’d still prefer actual scissors, I’d recommend the Fiskars Folding Travel Scissors; you can find them at any online or brick-and-mortar sewing store. They fold small, are very light, and most importantly, are very sharp.

Before I found the SAK Classic, I carried a pair of the Fiskars scissors, some Uncle Bills tweezers, and a Gerber Mini LST pocketknife (I really liked the lock back feature that kept the knife from folding onto my fingers) - all 3 together weighed less than 3 ounces.

By the way, I used to carry a small nail clipper. Now, as my trips never are longer than 3 days, I just trim my nails before I leave home. The small scissors and the nail file on the Swiss Army knife do a good-enough job for any touch-up needed on the trail.