Hello, my name is Colton and I am relatively new to the backpacking community and experience. I am looking to start my first journey in Colorado soon, as I begin my freshman year of college in September. I consider myself to be a great outdoorsman on paper, I spent two years on ski patrol, have an outdoor emergency care certification, have taken a few rock climbing/ outdoor survival courses and went on many four wheeling trips (and one backpacking trip) with my dad. He passed away in February and in the past few years he has been too sick to continue teaching me about the outdoors. I am not in the best shape of my life and am not an avid hiker, but I am seeking a 3-4 day challenge in the Colorado wilderness to broaden my experience and knowledge. Since my father passed away, I have inherited many 20-30 year old backpacking items which still serve their function and should suffice for my first trip - supplemented with a few more important newer items. I am, however, unable to decide on a location. I would like to take this trip semi-solo, with my dog as a companion. I would like to challenge my endurance and skills, but not put myself in a dangerous situation while also staying closer to the front range if possible. Currently, there are fire bans throughout Colorado and I have never camped without a fire nor do I particularly want to, but I'd do it if necessary. So, after that extensive introduction I was hoping to get some advice on skills/gear but especially on a great trail!

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