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I posted this question years ago, but did a search and couldn't find it:

At what point if any (for you personally) does technology intrude on the backpacking experience?

I'm thinking of "modern" technology here, of course, as even a "Trapper Nelson" would be technology. We all use fairly hi-tech stuff, like nylon fabrics, Gore-Tex, titanium pots and DAC tent poles. But what about things like GPS, cell phones, drones, blogging from the trail, etc., but not necessarily just electronics.

And if you don't think they detract at all from the experience, what would? How about an anti-gravity pack, or a GPS-enabled tour guide of the trail? Where would you draw the line?

I draw the line when it intrudes on my experience-If I can hear it and/or see it.
That would include music being played, drones being flown and the occasional loud talker on a cell phone.

I must admit that I now have a "smart phone" and carry it on hikes and backpacking trips. It is my camera, GPS map assist and on rare occasions a phone. It has become essential equipment for me now.
Because I take a phone I will also carry a phone charger that I just purchased to insure that the phone works as long as I'm in the backcountry.
Used to carry a SPOT device to stay somewhat in touch with loved ones and, in case of emergency, to seek help.

Don't think I'll be around to see any anti-gravity packs or GPS tour guides and that's a good thing.