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last outing, it's become apparent that I should no longer , just go by eye when it comes to back country cooking. anyway, I want to make two indentations to mark the one and two fluid cup levels in my snow peak cook/mug. In my online searches I have stumbled onto a few mentions about this process, using a small section of #12-10 copper wire(the die?) Along with a bench vise. to create the mark. but other than that- no practicable mention on how it's done. does anyone know of a Instructable or some other diy site that can walk me thru the process? I have never worked titanium and would hate to ruin an expensive piece of gear, the first time out the gate.

Both of my ultralight Titanium mugs/pots (the Finess City 450mm mug/pot and the Tomshoo 750ml mug/pot with folding handles and folding hanging loop (for hanging over an open fire), both have fill markings stamped into them. The Finess City has more markings than the Tomshoo and that is why I bought it...It was a bit more expensive than the similar sized Ti mugs/pots without fill markings though, but as you have discovered, I find having fill markings makes cooking outdoors a whole lot easier so I was willing to pay a little extra for it. It nests inside the Tomshoo perfectly, and both come with lids...Essential to keep flies and/or falling leaves out of your hot water or food.
I would be extremely wary about trying to stamp markings into your Ti pot/s, especially with Steel tools as they might contain Cadmium...If you scratch Titanium with anything containing Cadmium it can cause a self propagating crack to form in the Titanium...That is why all the tools used for working on the Lockheed SR71 Blackbird spy plane, which is mostly made from Titanium, had to be specially made to ensure they were 100% Cadmium free. It is also why I never store Steel gas canisters inside my larger Ti pots without putting them in a polythene bag first. (top tip!)
So best solution would be to simply buy new pots that already have the fill markings on them.

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