Agility is also very important to avoid "getting too old to backpack". I actually know several people who quit backpacking because it became just to difficult to live on the ground and get in and out of a tent!

Exercise that combines agility and strength have been important to me over the years, such as rock climbing, taking care of toddlers (always squatting to get down to their level), house work (yes scrubbing floors) and gardening. I find that men generally are more focused on strength and aerobic and less on agility (at least my husband is!). As a woman, one of the harder things for me is to gain upper body strength to effectively use my trekking poles.

And there is nothing like backpacking to get in shape for backpacking. Just take it easy and build up at first.

As we age, we sometimes lose perspective on agility. If you have grandkids, just watch them and you will realize how old and stiff we have become!

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