If you know the brand and model of shoes you want buying online is probably the way to go now.

That's why I miss the Merrill's I used to buy. I think I bought about 4-6 pair of those over maybe 6 years. If I could order those online I'd do it in a heartbeat.

These Bass Pro shoes have really impressed me when I consider the price. I've done a bit of hiking in the forest behind our house now and down around the lakeshore and it's pretty vicious out there. Steep with lots of loose rock and these are pretty darn close to as good out there as those Merrills used to be. I can't say they're better, or worse, but they're pretty good so far.

I found the box they came in. They're called "Redhead Caliber Hiker". They're mids, not low cut, which is what I prefer, and they're fairly lightweight.

"You want to go where?"