I guess it's time for a follow up.

I'm still hiking with the AF boots. They have several hundred miles on them and the main sign of wear is some discoloration from hiking in muck. And one gouge (not all the way through; just surface) in the leather after tripping over a sharp root protruding in the trail. The stitching looks new and the soles are intact. There is little wear on the tread. I'll point out these are used primarily on trails, not pavement. I still use the heat moldable insoles.

Getting the second pair for the better fit was a great decision for me. The original pair are still used for lawn mowing and yard work. They're still in great shape also, except for discoloration from grass, dirt, and grease.

Unfortunately photobucket is no longer free and I haven't searched out another free photo host yet so no photos.

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