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Medicine Bow is a cool area but I would not put it on a par with the Sawtooth area.
Only been to the Sawtooths once and loved it. Been to the Medicine Bows many times and love it as well. I did a page on the range on another site that may shed some light on it for you if you're not familiar with it.

Northern Colorado will certainly been within reach, the Winds and the Bighorns will take you at least 3-1/2 to 4 hours to reach, with the Tetons a bit farther out.
Good luck!

Thanks so much. Very interesting read. It looks really pretty there.

I love sawtooth, Its the prettiest place I have backpacked in the US. I think it is Almost as pretty as Banff. I was also just just offered on position off grid in the Wyoming range along the grey river. That would be a great location but I would be living in a tent in grizzly country. Makes me a little nervous. And got an offer just south of Cour D Alene, Id. The only one that hasnt fully committed is Sawtooth.

If Sawtooth doesnt commit I will probably do Medicine Bow. Coming from living in Houston, that isnt a bad place to spend the summer. Im a big fan of camping out next to an alpine lake. Seems like Medicine bow has plenty of them