It's that time again - I need to replace my shoes. These will be my everything shoes - backpacking, standing, walking... all of it. It's tempting to just go to payless and get some of those $20-$30 Champions. They look good, are comfortable, shockingly light, and you can't beat the price. BUT, they don't last very long at all. Rather than buy more disposable shoes, I thought I'd see if anything in the $50-$60 range is a better value if I shop clearance and deals. Can anyone recommend anything in this price range (that still looks good)? I prefer understated black and white shoes, or even better, all black shoes. I could get a pair of Merrell Moab Edges for right at $60, but they're on the heavier end of what I've been looking at. Or, can get some Columbia ATS Trail LF92s for about $55, but I don't know their weight, or durability, or pretty much anything about them at all other than they look good and that Columbia is generally a reputable company. They don't have to be trail specific shoes, BTW; I'll hike in anything. Thoughts?