Kelty and REI store brand are good equipment for budget conscious people. I use a ~4lb Kelty 2-person tent and like it a lot. My next 2-person tent I am going to aim for under 3 lbs. The half-dome is a pretty heavy tent for backpacking, the Kelty is better, but I would aim lower. You might want to check out the Kelty Horizon 2.

My 4-person family backpacking tent is a Tarptent and I really like it. Will probably buy my next backpacking tent from them. In comparison, my 4-person Hogback weighs less than that Kelty!. Most of there 2-person tents are a bit over $300, but they have the Double Rainbow and MoTrail down in the Kelty's price range. You need trekking poles to setup to MoTrail but its just over 2 lbs.

Over at REI, you might want to checkout:

it is on clearance for a great price, though it may be a bit cramped compared to the other tents mentioned.