I bought a bivy years ago and really thought I'd love it. I used it on one trip, 2-nights, and realized I hated it, and they were both clear and dry nights. But it wasn't hard for me to imagine what it would be like when it was raining and just the thought of it was miserable.

After that I rigged a tarp and used it for a couple nights, both clear and dry, and I actually liked that a lot, but I couldn't imagine liking it as much if it were raining because there wasn't enough headroom to sit up inside it.

I ended up making my own tent, basically a cut-down, lowrider version of an old fashion "Baker's Tent". There are some pretty nice commercial designs that are similar now and if I were to buy one I'd probably have to give them a good look because mine is so comfortable.

This MSR flylite-2-person tent is one of them.

When the weather sucks it's really nice to be comfortable. It's not really a "luxury" because being miserable it's a terrible trade off. That MSR tent is pretty light, and I'd expect it's pretty comfortable too, especially for one person.

"You want to go where?"