I'm beginning to save up for a new rain jacket that can also work as a windbreaker.

Right now I have an 8 year old Marmot Precip jacket that I have loved to death. It still looks okay, but the inner lining right between my shoulders is starting to wear and it keeps wetting out right there. But I love its adjustability.

I'm trying to decide between a new Precip or perhaps a Red Ledge Thunderlight... though if you've got a glowing recommendation for something else I'm all ears.

I usually wear a poncho in late spring through early fall, so this is more for the winter in the southeast when the rain comes down in sheets and the wind blows the poncho around too much. The pack I carry in winter is much larger than my summer pack, and the poncho just doesn't cover the winter pack well. Going the other way around (putting the pack on top of a poncho) always results in me getting soaked.

So, what do you think? Precip or Thunderlight or something else entirely?
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