Hello, I am new to backpacking and I am trying to choose a sleeping solution. When I used to hitchhike I carried with me a 2 person tent for my friend and I but I feel it was really only reasonable to carry it since hiking was kept to a minimum. I am planning a trip to Vancouver Island this spring and and want to purchase something that is lightweight, will stand up to the rain, and will serve me well in other areas/seasons.

I have been reading about Bivys and the idea of it suits me.

I was looking at this one: https://www.backpacker.com/gear/outdoor-research-helium-bivy-review as it has a support pole which increases space inside. (Has anyone used this Bivy, does this pole make a difference?)

I'm wondering, when combined with a tarp (or suggested other solution) would it be a good decision to go with this Bivy? What else would you recommend?

I've been looking at one person tents as well, but I feel like if it's going to rain a lot I'd rather have a smaller bit of fabric to manage than a whole tent and I was never a fan of erecting a tent to begin with. Is this just inexperienced thinking or would a tent be the best option.