As an owner and user of a Tarptent Moment, for more than 5 years, I disagree that it can be set up in 2 minutes. Yes, in your back yard, but not in most real locations that I have been in, particularly in a wind. Most the time it takes me about 10-20 minutes, because it never is placed right the first time. Unlike an stand alone tent, which you can set up and then move around to adjust, you instead have to re-stake the Moment many times. That is not to say I do not like my Moment. I also have a BA Copper Spur 1, which is a bit heavier but for me, a lot easier to set up, and has less condensation. I use both. I also use a bivy. There is no free lunch- as you go minimal in weight you loose some nice features. Every trip I have to balance my comfort with weight. Sometimes I want to go UL, most of the times not.

As for footprint, ALL Tarp tents have very large (long) footprints, compared to some other tents. Neither the Copper Spur 1 or the Tarptent Moment have small footprints. In some mountaineering situations, the best tent is a floorless tent that you set up and then simply sleep in the corner that has the level spot (such as the Black Diamond Mega-mid).

Any tent design, made with cuben fiber will weigh less. But the cost gets prohibitive for many.

I prefer to use a bomb-proof tent, with minimal weight BASED ON MY NEEDS, preferably double wall, and just eliminate weight somewhere else. For me that is usually food- take 2-3 oz. less per day and over 10 days I have made up the weight of an UL tent vs one that better meets my needs.

Note that my comments are based on mostly camping above timber at 10,000 - 12,000 feet elevations.