Let me just thay thank you for the replies and merry christmas to all. Its certanly livened upp around here.

Daisy i think it was?!? I spent 6 straight wnderful week wqndering with a frameless pack and bivvy bag and loved almost every minute. I will say it is not something you do in winter though in my opinion, but then trav3lling never was i used a rab alpine eventlite that i had glued diy stiff fencing wires in across the face and chest.

They are not hooped with poles, but just wired peaks allowing for the sit up as daisy suggested.

The rain senario is the problem qnd the only time i was regretful, along with the damp and the suffocation, thats why the wired hood. The event fabric on the rab worked ok until the proofing wore of , which rolling around on the floor is quickly done. Then the capilliary action started and damp feet occoured

Tents are great but its the pitching space, time, and weight and bulk for a tent you can sit up in. If i wanted a coveres spac3 where i couldn't sit up i would take a tarp.