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I read a couple of reviews. The favorable review said it was not the quality of an expensive mountaineering tent, but was working out fine for him. He said the poles and clips are not the highest quality, but if they break they can be replaced. 4.0 pounds was reported. That is not too bad for two people carrying it. Be aware it is a small two person tent. i consider 5' x 7 about right and this one is not that wide. Maybe that is why they call it a bivvy. one of my friends has one very similar and uses it like a one person tent which would be fine even with gear inside. My Mountain Hardware Shelter II weighs only 2 pounds and is larger inside for two people. (single wall, no floor).

Well, to be honest, most of the time I would probably use it alone. I do have an MSR ultralight which kills everything is lightness is the only goal. I think it weights under two pounds, but has no floor (which means you have to carry a groundcloth which adds to the weight) but no bug protection, which in summer is an issue. That too is mighty tight for two in bad weather. I have another ultralight which I made, have not yet tried it. That may be the solution.