thanks for your comments and links BZH.
Thanks for everyone's comments.

The old remote canister propane stove I remember using on Mt. Rainier in 1976 was much like the VtgTaymor-Spider-Backpack-Camping-Butane-Stove I found on Ebay today. I have 3 or 4 stoves at this time so I will not purchase another one. However I am fascinated by the Kovea Spider (KB-1109) because is about the simplest little remote (B188) canister stove I have seen(6 ounces). (BTW… EN417 with a Lindal B188 valve is what the standard popular modern butane/propane mix canisters are).

And speaking of simple stoves, perhaps not exactly on topic, but a close friend purchased a very cheap "made in China" (I suspect) MSR Pocket Rocket knockoff and took it on a trip last summer. We were well above tree line and in the wind and the little sucker did a splendid job with a DIY pile of rocks for a windscreen.

Stoves are a fascinating subject to me. I never tire of reading about the various designs and possibilities.
In "The Complete Walker IV" Colin F. and Chip R. devote a whole 66 pages (p.292-358)to the subject. They cover most every objective and subjective aspect of the subject.

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