For the 1.5 pounds or so of your first two you could do quite better with an actual tent, say a zpacks, admittedly very expensive but the quality of life difference is vast. My own bodybag phase lasted more than a year, on and off, and I wouldn't go back easily.

Your third mentioned is interesting at 1.0 pounds. Still, with a cuben fiber shaped tarp and some bug netting you could get there.

Condensation in a bag is unavoidable in many circumstances and it's right there. Breathing is nice. (the claustrophobic inability to breathe in a battened-down closed bag is psychological and does not affect everybody, but be sure)

I can get a small zpacks rig into any ground space where I would formerly have squeezed. The only time I miss one is when I'm doing a late-night flop and have no headroom at all; that was my big plus for the bodybag- you could slide it right under the low hanging brush.

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