Actually, we see quite a few "zombie threads" get resurrected. Some are useful, like yours; some not so. The "not so" usually come from potential spammers or those trying to get their x number of posts in so they can post in "for sale." Those are the ones who just say "I agree" or something similar, and those generally attract moderator attention. EMTDave, you are certainly not among those!

There are, however, a number of newer stoves on the market which are worth checking out. On the other hand, I bought mine in 2008 and have not felt it necessary to replace it, even though that model is long discontinued (Primus Micron--2.5 oz). IMHO, the big change I've seen since is the advent of the inverted canister stoves, very useful for winter camping without having to deal with white gas. I don't winter camp any more, so I haven't looked at those.

This is a useful site for up-to-date stove technology, although Hikin' Jim doesn't post as often as he used to.
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