Staying fit is essential for quality of life as well as longevity.
I know, I am guilty too, but I do the gym when I can and try and keep a rational degree of fitness. Yes, I am still fat but I can still do 1.7 miles at a slow run on a strider or treadmill. I can also still do a 7 mile day on an easy trail. Harder trails obviously plummet my mileage.
When I cannot do the walks I want, I walk in the neighborhood with a pack stuffed with water bottle.
It is far too easy to sit around, mea magma culpa. The call of making a living and keeping my house up is always there, but when the time permits there is the gym and the trail.
I am not in the best shape, lord knows. I should be able to do 15 miles, not 7, but part of life is compromise with oneself. Still I try and you should too.

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