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I use Vargo Hexagon wood stove and it's pretty good.

I've never seen these before, love the idea of not relying on fuel. How many twigs do you usually have to collect/burn to boil 1/2 cups of water? Do you use it in the winter, if so do you bring fire starters to burn or hope you find dry wood?

I have played with wood stoves a lot during day hikes and while I like the idea, for most of us it is not wonderful. I saw an analysis that said the weight advantage does not equal out until you have cooked 40 or so meals. I cook a lot, but how many of us are out for 40 meals without resupply?
Also, note this point well, although playing with them is fun, they are slow to get off the starting pad. A quick cup of coffee before starting is not in the cards. You need to sit and play and you always need a fire starter which further crimps the weight advantage.
Canister stoves are the ultimate in convenience, but the lightness of the stove is over turned by the weight of the canister.
Liquid fuels stoves are efficient but you have to be out for awhile to get past the weight of the stove.
I am going to try alcohol in a Trangia clone.

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