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My go to main meal is Idahoan Potatoes with added dried vegetables and TVP. Works well in a freezer bag and by using the various Idahoan varieties and various vegetables and flavored TVP I get some variety.

Yes, dried mashed potatoes are the ancient (like the late 19th century!) basis of hooch. A noble dish that took men on foot to the poles.
To the potatoes I add: dried milk, lumps of cheddar cheese (add them near the end) and either bacon-flavored bits or the real thing in crumbled form. I will try home dried ham from the deli this summer. It should work. Maybe dried turkey from a can will too. (check the internet sites on home drying and trail cooking. You could try an unflavored protein powder or TVP, but I am not usually out long enough to be fanatical.
With enough extras you will not go hungry. You can also serve up the potatoes and in just a minute make gravy in the same pot. It helps clean the pot too.
A similar concept would be home dried turkey with instant dressing, dried onion and dried celery, topped with gravy at the end. I will try this this summer too.

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