I have a special needs grandson who has always refused to wear long pants--he wears only shorts, preferably shorts made out of a soft knit material (like sweatshirts). He did manage to wear long pants for his recent 7th grade band concert, where they were required, but insisted on changing back to shorts right after the concert. We were, of course, very proud of him for overcoming this problem, even temporarily, and praised him to the skies.

Would there be a fabric or style or motivation that might work for your young man? One question is, is the shirt itself uncomfortable for him (like my grandson's long pants), or does he just need something to chew on? If it's the shirt itself that bothers him, I'd think that a material he couldn't rip would be even more uncomfortable (and might have to be of metal mesh). Of course he has to wear something to go outside in the cold, but could he continue to go shirtless indoors?

Just throwing out some ideas here. Have you consulted his teachers?

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