That may be the next stop. With the Knorr, my thought is that I can add meat and have a simple meal. But, if the taste isn’t there, I’ll move on to using instant rice, instant potatoes, or cous cous as a base, adding meat, perhaps some dried veggies (like mushrooms) or fresh veggies, like carrots or peppers, and making a packaged gravy or sauce (beanies, hollandaise, etc.) to pour over it.

I’ve already rejected the instant oatmeal flavors in favor of Quaker plain instant oats (in the round box), to which I add powdered vanilla, powdered milk, dried cherries, raisins, or cranberries, and some nuts (pecan or walnut halves.) It sits pretty well.

If I can find an appropriate thermal jar (lightweight, but able to keep food hot for about 6 hours), I may even start eating hot lunch: make up some soup at breakfast, and store it in the thermal jar until lunch, then voila!

Time will tell.