I know!!!

I am sure there is great beer where you are because they understand the difference in types of beers, and it's art there.

But I also think it's probably Portland that started the trend I'm talking about because it's Cascade Hops that are crapping up beers all over now. Those are great in small amounts when balanced with other varieties but now they're just killing beers with them.

It's been a trend to make ever hoppier beers for over a decade now and it's hitting peak stupidity.

I'm not kidding, last year I went to Los Angeles and Palm Desert for the "Desert Trip" concerts and they had something like 50 craft brews there and I tasted a dozen or more over the three days and they all had those same crappy hops in them.

And I was in Destin Florida a few months ago and sampled at least 5-6 craft brews there and got the same thing.

Last Saturday I stopped by a beer/wine store in Branson and they had craft brew they were giving out samples of and I tasted two of them, same crap. One was an IPA and the other a lager and aside from the color I could hardly tell the difference.

And here's the part that really pinches my britches, before I tasted any of those beers I told the bartenders that I did not want a beer "overloaded with the same Citrus, or Grapefruit hops every brewer is using now" and none of them even knew what I'm talking about. They don't have clue.

I'm not the only one whining about it, but it's a pretty small group that is. It's a trend that reminds me of LA in the `70s when everyone would order a Perrier with lunch and all the bottles would be full when we left, except these whippersnappers actually drink that swill.

According to this article brewers are starting to get back to lighter beers again so there's hope this trend will fade away.

I really probably ought to start brewing my own beer again. I really enjoyed that, but I never got the drink much of it. I could have it almost all to myself now that it's just my wife and I here laugh

"You want to go where?"