What are you using for your floor? And what are you doing for bug mitigation?

I've been using a Gatewood for about 10 years, now. I am 5'10" and the height is adequate for me. I am happily surprised that it's working for you. On my first few uses, I staked the back side down to the ground, which severely limited the headroom, but made for good wind protection. When I finally put the 3"-4" guy-lines on the back side and raised the height of the trekking pole, it felt a LOT roomier and the pitch was much more taut.

I ended up getting a lightweight bivy so I could have a ground sheet, a tiny bug-free space and wind resistance for the breezes that blow up under that gap at the bottom. This negates the weight savings, to some degree, but the loop above the face net is perfectly positioned under the inner snap. Still, I am considering grabbing the net inner to have a bathtub floor and a bigger bug-free space.