I believe the BRS 3000T does not have a preheat tube. That is a small tube that ensures any liquid in the feedline gets converted to gas before injecting into the burner. Without that part it is dangerous to run a stove off an inverted canister, because the liquid feed will squirt into the burner causing dangerous flare-ups.

some discussion here: https://adventuresinstoving.blogspot.com/2016/12/gas-stoves-in-cold-weather-regulator.html

To try to answer your original question: I am not aware of a universal off-the-shelf part to invert a canister because once you screw something onto a stove, you are leaking fuel that better go somewhere in a controlled manner. That is why these things tend to be paired with the stove they work with. You could search for "remote canister stove" and see if you could find a design that will work with you. Then see if the manufacturer will sell you the part by itself.

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