I'm not extremely experienced, so I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me with a recommendation on a tent. My primary use will be for a 5-day winter trek in the Australian Alps, but I want something flexible as well. Here are some of my considerations:

-Primarily for a 5-day snow shoe trek (no mountaineering)
-That is about as extreme a trip as I do (no month long trips, etc.)
-Room for 2 adults (me & my wife)
-While weight is important, this is the longest trip I'll probably do, so it's not as important as comfort, space and durability
-Room to sit upright (I'm 6 feet tall)
-Something I can use in all temperatures (I'd rather add an appropriate bivy/liner/sleep mat/sleeping bag/etc. than get a tent that is unsuitable for summer heat as well)
-Gear can be in the tent (if there's room) or just a vestibule
-A tent that can use trekking poles is a plus, but not a requirement
-Weight is important, but like I mentioned before, not a top concern. I'd rather get the other features met and have an extra pound or two to carry.