I looked up the BSR stove and it sure looks good and has lots of positive reviews. For the price I certainly would give it a try. The weight looks great. I have two canister stoves, an old Optimus that looks like a Pocket Rocket, but has a different burning mechanism if you look closely. I also use an MSR WindPro because I need something for winter where I can turn the cartridge upside down. When weight isn't so critical I really like the stability of the WindPro because it sits on the ground. For my "sit-upon" canister stove I made a really nice windscreen out of stiff aluminum foil that protects from the canister to the pot, but still has a large opening on the valve side for ventilation. It, as a byproduct, keeps the canister warm, but not too warm, so the flame stays steady and strong. Good luck
Jim M